Our Mission

To create extraordinary lighting solutions through Art, Architecture, and Technology.

Our Philosophy

At Bradley Lighting, we believe that great lighting should enhance the buildings and landscapes it illuminates. We work to avoid the intrusive glare and visual clutter of traditional light fixtures through the production of extraordinary architectural lighting products.

By placing the hardware and the light source in architectural solutions, we return the focus to the surfaces you’re illuminating.

Our Story

Bradley Lighting was born out of a design necessity. Our founding partner, Ralph Raya, spent over two decades in the electrical engineering and lighting profession and designed countless notable projects for his clients. Along the way, Ralph became frustrated with the intrusive glare and visual clutter of traditional lighting fixtures and began work on a cleaner, better design solution to address the real-world problems he was facing on the job.

Ralph used his engineering knowledge and experience to create the first concealed palm tree lighting system known as “Stella LED Palm Tree Light.” Other designers, project owners, and customers started asking for a smarter solution, and Bradley Lighting was conceived.

Today, Ralph and the Bradley Lighting product design team continue to develop creative and innovative lighting products to solve real-world design problems. We encourage other design professionals to submit their product design ideas for solutions that combine art and architecture to enhance their lighting projects.

Find out more about our flagship “Stella LED Palm Tree Light” and other Bradley Lighting products here or contact us today to find the solutions for your design specification.

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